Gallery of paintings: Rosemary Fahimi

Y Llunwyr ~ The Picturemakers: a collective of artists working in mid-Wales.


Rosemary Fahimi

Being born and brought up in South London, leaving school at sixteen to work with horses, and then emigrating to Canada at nineteen, has given me amazing experiences that I can now use in my art work. The landscape of Canada from sea to sea is so diverse, from forests to rich farmlands, miles of flat prairies to the great Rockie Mountains and down to the Pacific Ocean.

I worked with horses, married and had a family, ran a plant nursery with a friend, taught riding, and raised sheep and a steer which we ate.

Shepherding a large flock of sheep in the foothills of the Rockies was maybe one of the most thrilling jobs I had. For several summers, I and my small daughter spent from May to October alone with a small school bus, with a few collie dogs, bear, wolves, coyote, elk, moose, and many small creatures for company.

Art was always with me, sketching the animals and learning the ways of the wild things. Patience and understanding was important not only for the sheep shepherded, but also for the understanding of the wild animals and their habits.

I moved back to Britain in 1988 after nearly 28 years in Canada to live and work on a Welsh farm, and in 2004 I started classes in Lifelong Learning. Being self-taught for so many years, it was a real eye-opener to find that there's still an awful lot to learn.

My work represents my love of the countryside and the animals that live in it. To every piece I make I strive to bring the emotion of the subject.