Gallery of paintings: Mike Laxton

Y Llunwyr ~ The Picturemakers: a collective of artists working in mid-Wales.


Mike Laxton

Studied Design at Canterbury College of Art followed by PGCE at Goldsmith’s College,London, which then led to a career in Secondary,Further and Higher Education and later as a Senior Adviser in Design Education in Leicestershire.

As an early advocate of Design Education I had always believed that the academic division between Fine art and the Applied Arts was both artificial and damaging to a true understanding of creativity. Although, painting was introduced at College, I had specialised in Furniture Design which was clearly craft-based and three-dimensional in nature. I had always envied the freedom of expression that the painters seem to have, unhindered by the restrictions of function and purpose: I now realise that while painting has its own frustrations and considerations of medium and technique, the role of imagination and inventiveness are the same.

In 2007 I moved to Wales from Cornwall and settled in Cwmrheidol. I soon became captivated by the valley: its river and the magic of waterfalls as well as the hills, woods and fields. As I explored the coastline of Mid Wales, I was reminded of the energy and power of the sea that I had experienced in Cornwall. Latterly the particular weather of Wales has given me another focus for painting.

Having been denied an academic training in painting I concluded I needed some guidance. I decided to join the course “ Experimental Drawing and Painting “ at the Art Centre in Aberystwyth. This has given me the confidence to begin the journey towards a personal use of materials and image.

I hope that my paintings express something of the drama and excitement that I find in the environment and that the paintings leave room for the spectator to form their own response and connection.