Gallery of paintings: Anne Solomon

Y Llunwyr ~ The Picturemakers: a collective of artists working in mid-Wales.


Anne Solomon

I started young.  One of my first recollections was using sticks,  blackened in the fire, to draw patterns on yesterday’s newspaper.  This horrified my mother who thought I was going to burn the house down which served only to increase my love of drawing .  I started to win prizes for my art work and at 14 I was invited to attend tutorials every Saturday morning  at York Art College to study for a Diploma in Art. When I left school at 16 I went full time.

After that my parents said it was time I started to earn my keep so I took an apprenticeship in lithographic printing.  I really enjoyed that and was determined to do well in what was then a man’s world.

I moved to East Yorkshire, married and had children. During this time my art had to take a back seat. Many years later, with an empty nest at last, I slowly started to indulge my creative urge again.  When my second husband retired we moved to the Dyfi  valley in Wales where my passion for art  blossomed again.  The people, the scenery, the wildlife and the strong arts and craft culture of the area all aroused my creative instincts.  I was home again.

Although I work in many mediums, pen and wash allows me to loose all track of time. I generally favour drawing natural subjects: trees, cones, seeds and ferns. I’m particularly fond of winter landscapes with trees.