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Y Llunwyr ~ The Picturemakers: a collective of artists based in mid-Wales

About The Picturemakers / Y Llunwyr

The Picturemakers / Y Llunwyr is a self-funded collective of visual artists, based in mid-Wales. The Group is drawn from in and around Aberystwyth , Felinfach, Pant-y-Dwr, Pennant near Llanon and Rhayader.

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And we are members of the Ceredigion Art Trail

Since our foundation in 2006 we have held over forty exhibitions, and there are more to come in 2019 - click the Exhibitions tab above for more details.

We come from very different backgrounds and environments, and our styles range from representational to abstract, but much of our work is rooted in the natural world. Indeed our first ever exhibition was entitled Cynefin, which means "affection for familiar places and experiences, both individual and collective".

We hope that you will enjoy browsing our individual web galleries via the links in the column on the left. Some artists have their own web-sites, and you can find the appropriate links when you go to their gallery pages.


The Picturemakers is a mutually supportive collective of visual artists based in mid-Wales. Our ethos is one of continuous improvement and mutual encouragement to develop and become ever more professional in our practice. We meet for regular group discussions to share our work; both work-in-progress and finished work, so as to benefit from each other's experience, expertise, constructive criticism and ideas. We also share the learning about techniques and materials that we gain from attendance at courses and from personal experimentation.

Although there is no pressure on any member to exhibit, exhibiting is an integral part of what we do and we usually exhibit our work as a group up to three times a year. For each exhibition, one or two members are chosen to act as joint curators/co-ordinators. They have total discretion to decide which works are shown. Where a gallery has its own curator, they will communicate and work with him/her to ensure that our work is professionally displayed.

We limit our membership to around a dozen active members at any one time and we have in addition a number of 'resting' members, former members who continue to take an interest and are invited to exhibit with us from time to time.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at contact@thepicturemakers.co.uk telling us a bit about yourself. Tell us what you would like to get out of membership and what you think you could bring to the group. Please also include either some examples of your current work (sketches, work-in-progress or finished work are all welcome) and/or give us a link to your website if you have one. The information you provide will be circulated to all currently active members who will discuss your application at their next group meeting. New members are elected by secret ballot at the next group meeting following a new membership application.

A brief history: The formation of The Picturemakers

The Picturemakers grew out of the idea of some students who had one thing in common: they had all been taught by Professor Alistair Crawford in his Life Long Learning courses in Art and Art History in Aberystwyth. Individually they wanted to find a way to continue their personal development as artists and to continue the learning process so in 2006 they persuaded him to run an 'art discussion group'. And out of that idea, and at his suggestion, came a new artists' collective that calls itself The Picturemakers.

The constitution.

The full constitution of The Picturemakers can be read here.

The officers

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